Monday, September 20, 2010

The use of toiletry Bag

You will always going to need something to place your entire bathroom and grooming stuffs especially when you are traveling. Toiletry travel bag is all you need. It is always convenient when your little things are place in an organized manner. Your tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, razor, make up and more. When traveling it is always good to remember to place all you’re grooming needs and bath room needs in one compartment, for easier access and for convenience. That is why toiletry bags are created. There are a number of toiletry travel bags out there in the market. All you need to do is find which one surely fits you. Toiletry travel bags are particularly made for travelers. Toiletry travel bag is convenient because it is compact and come in various sizes and style so you can carry it anywhere you go. Of course there are also toiletry travel bags that are not made for traveling in a far place but for out door use.
There are different kinds of toiletry bags but most importantly, you can carry your toiletry bag anywhere you go easily.
Toiletry bags come in different sizes and styles, you just have to decide what size and style you want depending on how too little or too much stuff you will bring. The longer your travel is the smaller should you bring a toiletry bag. This is for travel safety and conveniently. That is why it is always good to plan ahead of time, as to how many days you will be out and to bring only small bottles of stuffs. If possible bring only a few pieces of sachet shampoos and conditioner depending on how many days you will be in a travel. This is to avoid bulkiness of your suitcase and lighter baggage.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES. The last ecological frontier

Palawan is a narrow archipelago of 1,7-- islands on the Western border of the Philippines. It's irregular coastline stretches almost 2,000 km long, indented by numerous covers and bays. With an area of more than 1.7 million hec mostly mountain forests, it's forest cover is the biggest in the country at about 56% of its total land area. Its agricultural land which is about 1,489,655 hec is planted mostly with Palay, corn, coconut, cashew, banana and mango. recent development however, points toward a high value crop industry for the province with initiatives on rubber, cassava, banana and oil palm plantations.

The province has 432 barangays and is divided into 23 municipalities and one component city, its capital, Puerto Princesa. The indigeneous people of Palawan include the Tagbanuas, Palawan', Tau't Bato and the Batak Tribe. Among the ethnolinguistic are Cuyunin, agutaynon, cagayano and Molbogs.

Today Palawan has become the Cosmopolitan province as it is populate with migrants coming from different parts of the country. There are a number of foreigners who also made Palawan their home.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Island of El Nido

Long before tourist resorts began setting their sites in Palawan, Adventurers, travelers and back packers discovered and explored the rugged yet natural wonders of El Nido. It earned the destination of the year from the prestigious Kalakbay awards 1995, proving that El Nido has made it to the mainstream travel industry of the Philippines. Committed to the tenets of environmental conservation and protection, Palawan resorts operators are going to great lengths to ensure that the natural wonders of the province are preserved. In 2001 to 2003, El Nido won the best destination place in Palawan, being Lagen hotel as its best resort in the island.
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Protecting your skin while travelling

traveling is fun, especially if you are the type of person who love to travel and see around out door beauties. Exposing yourself under the heat of the sun or stay long on the beach can damage your skin, making it dry, flaked and burn.

Proper skin care is important for travelers. always use sun block lotion with SPF 20. Do not forget to use lip balm. It is necessary to always keep your lips supple and smooth. To keep your body hydrated, always bring with you a bottle of drinking water. The more you stay under the heat of the sun, the more water you should drink. Wearing sun glasses is also very important.\, it keeps dark circle away from your eyes.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

SunExposure Can Cause Skin Impurities

Skin discoloration, freckles, melasma all these are undesirable and wish there is away to get rid of them. How you wish you had a clear, healthy skin. Of course you can. There is a solution for that! Read along to discover a unique remedy for skin impurities. You can find solutions to skin problems that most beauty products ignore.

When you are more exposed to the sun's heat, these skin discoloration is most likely to happen. Sometime tanning agents can aggravate instead of alleviating the onset of skin discoloration. But we all love to stay under the sun. It is fun, exciting and lively.
How would you like to use a product that eliminates all kinds of skin discoloration naturally safe and effective? Well, this is your chance now. If you are bothered with those spots on your face or in your body, do not go any where else. We have the answer here… I know you are excited to know what it is so I do not want to spoil your eagerness by talking so much.

The Right Approach in Caring Your Lips-While Under the Sun

The face is the first physical appearance you will notice if you talk to a person for the first time. Face is the first physical familiarization that will catch your attention. When your new friend speaks, our eyes is directly focused on his or her lips.The second most sensitive part of your face is the lips. It should be given proper nurturing at all times. to maintain the smoothness of our lips, it is important to give attention always. If your lips is has dark lines and peeling it looks undesirable.

Just look at baby's lips. When we were young we have that kind of lips; supple and very soft we can maintain its beauty if we take care of it properly. As we get older, we tend to put cosmetics on our lips that makes our lips feel dry and black. Those lip products contains harmful chemicals that can damage the outer lining of our lips. The right approach in caring your lips is important.

1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable
2. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water
3. clean your lips

It is just natural for ladies to apply make ups, but the problem is. we put too much attention on our face that we already forget our lips. Remember your lips, it is your asset too.

1. Using a soft bristle toothbrush, gently brush upper lips and lower lips starting from the center of the lips outward.
2. After brushing apply lip balm and then gently brush again on same direction.
3. Apply lip sheener.
4. apply lipstick.
Do it now and see your lips transformation.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Outdoor Beauty-Healthy You that Speaks

Women, even if you are traveling, you deserve to look good on your physical appearance and feel good inward. You don't have to be a working woman or a model to feel good. every woman deserves to feel beautiful; girls, teenagers, working women, house wife, whatever you do and who ever you are, you deserve to be beautiful..

Beautifying oneself is not just putting cosmetics, but knowing the right cosmetics for your skin type. the foundation cosmetic is the base of all cosmetics. Lipstick, blush on and eyebrows depends greatly on the foundation you use.